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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Private Equity and Venture Capital at Stern?

We are excited that you are considering Private Equity and Venture Capital at NYU Stern! To help with your research, we have provided a brief overview of the faculty, program, extra-curricular activities and opportunities available to students interested in Private Equity and Venture Capital at NYU Stern.

The Finance Department at NYU Stern consists of nearly 100 full time, clinical and adjunct professors conducting advanced research in every major aspect of the field and students have access to an unparalleled variety of courses. The Financial Times rated Stern’s Finance Department as the best with a #1 ranking. As a result there are myriad classes to choose from should you decide to pursue Private Equity and Venture Capital at Stern.

In addition, NYU Stern’s downtown location in the heart of New York offers an incredible opportunity to constantly meet with nearby private equity and venture capital firms with a strong network of Stern alumni.

Most importantly, members of the Stern Private Equity Club are constantly inspired and motivated by one another: the students share a passion for private equity and they bring an incredibly diverse range of professional and personal experiences to the table. You will learn not only from your professors, but also from your peers.

What do the Club activities consist of?

The Stern Private Equity & Venture Capital Club serves as a platform and network for students to educate and prepare themselves for a career in private equity and venture capital. We provide a forum for members to further their interests in these fields through our Annual Stern Private Equity Conference, Boot Camp, Case Competitions, Modeling Workshops, Career Treks and Alumni Networking Events.

What opportunities are there for networking with NYU Stern alumni and others within the industry?

The club involves Stern alumni as much as possible.  Each semester, there is an Alumni Event which is hosted specifically for Stern graduates in an effort to foster relationships between Stern alumni and current students. 

How do I join the Stern Private Equity Club?

Stern PE & VC Club is only open to current NYU Stern School of Business students. You can sign up for the club here

If you are a prospective MBA candidate interested in obtaining more information about the Club, please contact us at